Perspectives for graduates

Strong prospects for strong new employees.

Individual support and care for our employees occupy a very high place in the K+S Group, because they are in line with our future-oriented corporate and human resources policy. We want to increase the long-term retention of our employees and shape our future together with them. We therefore invest in their advanced education and in talent management.


Advanced education

The personal further development of our employees through acquiring new skills and abilities is absolutely essential for K+S’ success. That is why we undertake to support each employee’s personal success – from career advancement to ongoing advanced education. The K+S Group offers you the tools you need and a diversity of opportunities for advanced education.

Talent management

The aim of our talent management is to identify employee potential within K+S at an early stage, support the employees concerned and assist them with development prospects. At the same time it has been possible to secure long-term succession planning, meaning that adequately qualified employees are available every time a position becomes vacant.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree programs

Employees from the mining, chemical industry, electrical engineering, geology, mechanical engineering and environmental engineering areas have the opportunity, under our “K+S StudiumPlus” scholarship scheme, to compete for needs- and faculty-based bachelor’s or master’s degree studies which are sponsored by K+S throughout the average period of study. During the studies, you will remain employed by K+S and be assisted by committed K+S mentors acting as a link between students, company and university. After successful graduation, you will then fully rejoin K+S.

New employee meetings

With our new employee meetings, we support all newly recruited academic employees in finding their way around and networking in the Company. Apart from providing current information about the K+S Group, these meetings focus on giving new employees and senior management knowledge beyond their own specialist department and business unit. In a pleasant atmosphere, there is an opportunity to talk together and meet interesting people.

Further training as a technician

In Germany, qualified employees from the technical and mining departments are given the opportunity for further training at the Technical College for Economy and Technology in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (“Fachschule für Wirtschaft und Technik”) in order to earn a technician’s degree. This offer includes an advanced qualification that brings the prospect of a managerial career.



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