7. September 2018

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Laura goes Singapore - Part 4

Halftime - The first half of my stay abroad is already over and it is time for a short preliminary conclusion: It could have been worse.

Blue-Lakes-BintanEven I am busy with preparing the midterm planning, I took one and another chance to travel around Singapore during the last weekends. Due to the geographical position of Singapore, it is possible to travel easily around Southeast Asia within a few hours. I chose almost every conceivable kind of transportation: By ferry to Bintan, an Indonesian island, famous for a getaway for Singaporeans with many luxury resorts. By coach to Malacca, a Malaysian UNESCO-world heritage city and last but not least by plane to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam over the long National Day weekend (as I told you, I have seen the exercises a few times before, so I could use the actual National Day for travelling).

I made a lot of experiences while travelling Southeast Asia. For example, Asians use a lot of different spices in their dishes, we are not used to, so you should definitely take care of what you eat ;-)

Notre-Dame-KathIf I may give you another tip: keep your eyes on the road in Vietnam!

It is hard not to be overrun by thousands of scooters there. The best thing crossing the streets is to do it with locals because they know how to do it best.

All in all, I know why most of the Singaporeans rather stay in the country than travelling around the state. The city counts to the safest and cleanest cities in the whole world and offers a lot.

Despite some cultural differences, the size of the cities and the tropical and humid weather, I really feel comfortable in Southeast Asia. I am very thankful to see other countries and meet other cultures around Singapore.

Luckily the opportunity to travel around has not ended yet.

Next stop – China.

See you soon,





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