28. August 2018

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Laura goes Singapore - Part 3

My second week in Singapore started with a lot of work.

The forecasting figures of the consolidated company K+S AP and its affiliate K+S Huludao had to be updated. I realized that I had settled in slowly and knew the work processes better and better. In the evenings, I exchanged more and more sightseeing activities for those of a local. On the recommendation of a very athletic colleague, I started going to “Bootcamp for a cause” regularly in order to oppose the Asian food. 10 SGD ( approx. 6,30 Euro) are the costs for one hour circuit training which is used as an aid for a social project. At the moment the money is used for a project to help Pakistani children.

Ausblick Gardens bt BayIn addition to the sport, it was also interesting to check the nightlife in Singapore. Coincidentally, a friend of mine had her birthday on Wednesday, which means "Ladies Night" in Singapore. We chose a club called “Cé la vie”, which is located on the rooftop of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It was not only the stunning view of the city, but also the music and even a free drink was included. A lady should not miss that in Singapore ;-)


At the weekends, I still try to see as much as possible. For example, we did a kayak tour through the mangroves of the very pristine and verdant island of Pulau Ubin. Moreover, we hiked to the Mount Faber, which offers a great view of the harbor and our office.

I can already notice how time is running. There is only one month left until I will go on my next adventure – a two-week business trip to China.

Of course, I will write more about my experiences there.

Best wishes,







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