7. August 2018

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Laura goes Singapore - Part 1

IMG_3444 (2)About me

My name is Laura and since October 2017 I have been a Business Trainee in Finance, Accounting & Controlling. Through job rotation, I have already gained a lot of experience in the company. Therefore, I would like to build on my competencies. An interesting adventure is my stay abroad in Singapore, which is enabled by K+S.

I have been here since July and will stay for the next three months in order to get an insight into K+S Asia Pacific.

Sunday, 1st July 2018...

The time has come – I am going to exchange 28°C and sunshine against rainy 27°C and clouds. After arriving at the airport in Singapore in the afternoon, I firstly had to wait for an hour at the passport control. While waiting, I vainly tried to log in to the Wi-Fi. However, the passport control was successful.

Asian foodAfterwards, I picked up my luggage and walked towards the exit. The first thing I had to do after luggage inspection was buying a local SIM-card for contacting the property manager of my apartment. With directions via WhatsApp, I took a taxi to my new home.

When the taxi driver asked me about my origin, he could not stop himself from saying something about the early end of the German soccer team during the FIFA World Cup.

The first sightseeing tour in the evening ended with a very spicy dinner. Here, my palate definitely has to get used to Asian spiciness…

See you soon





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